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Sculpture florale pour le Lancement de Desmos communication



Caroline Lumia, a floral artist, is the founder and artistic director of SUR LA BRANCHE.

Atypical belgian florist, who shakes up the codes for modern and slightly offbeat haute couture floral displays.

Know-how professional for weddings or a high-end, elegant and refined event.

A background as a photographer and stylist ( three years in La Cambre Fashion(s)), Caroline will work for different creators/designers for several years, during which she  will sharpen her skills in carrying out projects from conception to completion.

She dreamed of being a botanist, she turned to flowers in June 2016. She then worked for different florists in Brussels while studying floristry and business for three years.

Working in a boutique doesn't suit her, her interest is to work on floral design on a larger scale.

To work on a global vision and consider the whole in a harmonious and coherent manner.

Her creative and complete professional background allows her to multitask.

SUR LA BRANCHE, providing a tailor-made floral decoration service, from design to completion. 

Caroline Lumia's floral studio is based in Belgium.

An elaborate floral design, inspired by the wild and generous poetry of nature.

Specialized in floral styling for weddings, events; private and businesses

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